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30 Ways to stay creative

Aπλές οδηγίες για να μείνεις δημιουργικός.. από το Daily Article

Simple instructions to stay creative .. from Daily Article

1. Make lists 2. Carry a notebook everywhere 3. Try free writing 4. Step away from the computer 5. Stop punishing yourself 6. Make frequent breaks 7. Sing in the bathroom (and the car) 8. Drink coffee / tea 9. Listen to new music 10. Be open (to new ideas and ways of thinking ... always) 11. Surrounde yourself with creative people 12. Ask for other's people opinion 13. Cooperate 14. Do not give up 15. Practice , practice, practice   16. Allow yourself to make mistakes 17. Go somewhere you've never been before 18. Watch foreign films 19. Count the virtues 20. Rest enough 21. Take risks 22. Breaking the rules 23. Do more things that make you happy 24. Do not push things 25. Read a page from a dictionary 26. Draw something 27. Stop trying to copy someone else's perfection 28. Got an idea? Write it somewhere 29. Clean your workplace 30. Have fun+ 31 . Forget what others are doing and make your own